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When it came time to pick a cattle breed, I had people give me suggestions, one of which was Wagyu I was told to look at Wagyu because of how well they marble but what really got my attention was their “health gene” This gene puts monounsaturated fats (good fats} into the meat. Which leads to health benefits from eating this beef. At this time, they said Wagyu was the only breed in the world that had this health gene, Washington State University was breeding Wagyu with Limousine cattle to isolate the health gene, with the hope of being able to implant it into other breeds. An interesting observation that was pointed out was, breeding Wagyu to other breeds will increases carcass quality but the health gene was not transferable The health gene only exhibits itself in high percentage Wagyu. More recently with the health benefits of eating grass fed beef coming to light, I decided to go 100% grass fed and 100% grass finished


Life depends on food,

Health depends on its quality.